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Locate your city, find the expert on the portal related to your query. Ask question to him by simply typing in the dialogue box. Expert will revert you back with adequate answer.
Any citizen of our country (India) having a graduate degree from any approved university of our country can join as low follower.
This is the platform where a common man while discussing with expert will be acquainted with law of land. Many time not knowing the law may lead to confusion and every time you don’t have enough time to refer books pertaining to a particular law. Here experts having experience in a particular field may guide you with his knowledge and reduce your time to get the solutions to the problems which are held up due to inadequate knowledge of particular law.
Login to www.lawfollower.com , fill up the details online, accept terms and condition, take a print of your registration mail received, sign it and post it to address Nikul K Patel, D-403 Shreenath Classic, Natashapark Residency 2, Nizampura, Vadodara – 390024.