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About Us

The name of the Society is LAW FOLLOWERS SOCIETY. The objective of the society is to create awareness of laws of the land among the people of our country. All such laws which are formed by the Government of India or any such private body of our country to regulate the functions defined by them. By creating such awareness will lead to proper implementation of such laws by the people and guiding people to carry out their work without much difficulties in a particular office. To actively participate in promoting and implementing the several initiatives of National Mission in accordance with laws by creating awareness among the citizens of our country to impart maximum benefits to them through information shared by this platform. To also serve as a common agency for stimulating and guiding its members

  • To formulate the general goals and responsibilities of law implementation for the service of mankind and the advancement of general welfare,
  • To educate citizens of our country to changing laws of our country
  • To promote and improve the effectiveness of law implementation
  • To help coordinate aims and objectives of law awareness among various organizations, particularly in their relationships with professional, public bodies and industries
  • To promote a fraternal spirit among the citizens, administrators, practitioners and industrialist.

To Interact with Central and State Government, Industries and approved institutions, bodies and individuals in the cause of law awareness among all. To permit other associations or bodies with similar objectives to cooperate, associate, merge, amalgamate or confederate with itself. To arrange, institute and award appropriate fellowships, prizes, scholarships and stipends in furthering the objectives of the Society. To undertake projects from or in cooperation with Central and State governments, industries or other bodies in appropriate fields. To do all such other lawful things as or conducive for attainment of the above objectives and in furtherance of the growth of the Society.