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Tax is must for every citizen, but some time we are having so many queries. When new guidelines comes for a particular taxes we are unaware about so many things and then we start asking questions to our friends, colleague, relatives but they are also having limited knowledge. But over here the person who is knowing about taxes can guide you and clear your queries. An attempt is made here to support the activity of tax collection by giving proper guidance to citizen of our country.

Disclaimer: One should act as per his independent decision irrespective of feedback given by expert. An expert opinion is only advice and no one can claim in future about such advice or suggestion.

Mr. Abbas Gulamhusainwala
Chartered Accountant
Age: 42 Year(s) Exp.: 14 Year(s)
M.Com. (Busi. Admn.), M.Com. (Acct.) F.C.A., A.I.C.W.A., M.Phil., Ph.D.
Age: 57 Year(s) Exp.: 30 Year(s)