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Education is one of the foremost requirement towards becoming develop nation in the world. Here experts in area of education can guide you regarding various guidelines and laws pertaining to the field. You can ask question such as about course, admission process, entrance exams, etc which will enable you to understand the technical procedure at your finger tip. From our experience, we understand the concept of councelling before taking admission to a particular course. Every student and parents are not getting opportunity to interact with expert before taking admission to a particular course and institute. Here experts can guide you by putting questions to them and answers to those can be viewed by all. This platform will enable society to take right decision pertaining to future carrier.

Disclaimer: One should act as per his independent decision irrespective of feedback given by expert. An expert opinion is only advice and no one can claim in future about such advice or suggestion.

Mr. Darshilkumar Mahyavanshi
B.E Mechanical
Age: 26 Year(s) Exp.: 1 Year(s)
BE (Mechanical); M. TECH (ME-FTS);
Age: 49 Year(s) Exp.: 15 Year(s)
BE (Mechanical), ME (Mechanical)
Age: 39 Year(s) Exp.: 8 Year(s)
Age: 53 Year(s) Exp.: 30 Year(s)
ME (Mechanical), Pursuing PhD
Age: 40 Year(s) Exp.: 14 Year(s)
Mr. Divyang Devda
Diploma in Mechanical engineering and pursuing part time degree in msu
Age: 25 Year(s) Exp.: 5 Year(s)